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Welcome to the Parent Resource Page!

On this page you will find Lakewood’s Parent/Student Handbook, Parent Involvement Policies, (links on the right hand side of the page) and worksheets related to language arts and math standards in grades K-6.  

Distance Learning Resources

Parent/Student Help Center




Other Parent Resources

Immunization Information

Parent / Student Handbook

Our teachers have put together some helpful educational resources for you to help prepare your child for success in each grade level. You may print off the resources for extra practice or to help your child prepare for the upcoming grade level.  Parents may request to have these materials printed from the school office.

Parent Engagement Policy

Parent Engagement Policy (Espanol)


Penmanship / Printing Alphabet Practice 1

First Grade

Addition and Subtraction Flashcards

Journal Writing Paper

Penmanship / Printing Alphabet Practice 2

Phonics Practice 1

Phonics Practice 2

Practice Numbers to 120

Second Grade


Third Grade

Cursive Alphabet Practice

Division Flashcards

Multiplication Flashcards

Word Fluency Worksheets

Fourth Grade

Cursive Writing Practice

Multiplication Practice

Fifth Grade

Cursive Writing Practice

Multiplication Practice

Sixth Grade